What to Do When Your Doctor Retires – Thank You Suzanne Barnes, DO

December 22, 2016 / by Allen H. Dyer

Nothing brought a smirk to my clients’ faces quicker compared to the declaration that I valued my clinical doctor. It had not been that individuals do not in fact value their clinical doctor-it was more that I valued my clinical physician.

People automatically assume that Naturopathic Doctors as well as Homeopaths do not such as clinical doctors or medical care. Most of the time, when one goes over alternative medicines or care they are called “Alternative” indicating something to be utilized in place of medical care and also medical medications – i.e. medical doctors.

I doubted that I am so different from my colleagues in just how I work with others. Over the years, I guess I have actually found that I differ in my sight of clinical treatment. Maybe it has something to do with my preliminary college education and learning remaining in nursing, and also my subsequent work as a nurse after graduation. I found out the worth of medical care and also clinical medicines. And, strangely enough, it was Dr. Suzanne Barnes, my household practitioner, who assisted me appreciate the globe of medicine, specifically when I was sick or in a harsh area.

Certain, there were times when my doctor as well as I disagreed on my future where my health was worried; however I always valued her viewpoint. When I began becoming thinking about natural health and wellness, Dr. Barnes told me to look into the natural herb prior to utilizing it-she really did not prevent me or offer me a tough time regarding it. Already, she had found out that I was smart and that I valued her point of view on health-related matters to read this page on notes.

And whenever I was “stuck” in my recovery, or paid attention to bad advice from one more expert, I constantly knew Dr. Barnes would assist correct the alignment of points out where my health was concerned. She paid attention as well as she supplied suggestions. There had been no “my method or the highway.”

I even referred a few of my clients to her when they either really did not have a medical physician or really did not like theirs. Dr. Barnes turned into one of my colleagues-and she was valued despite the fact that she was a medical physician.

After not needing her take care of virtually a year, I went back to her with a flare-up of asthma that was unable to be controlled with just what I knew-I then recognized it was time for healthcare.

Over the years, I guess I have discovered that I vary in my view of medical treatment. I discovered the value of medical treatment and also medical medications. Sure, there were times when my physician as well as I disagreed on my future where my health was concerned; however I constantly valued her point of view.

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